HIS300H5 • Islam and Muslims in the Balkans


This course explores in some detail the specifics of Islamic civilization in the Balkans and the formation and fate of Muslim communities in the region from the Ottoman conquest until the present day. The Balkans, at one time an integral part of the longest living Islamic Empire, the Ottoman state, are nowadays the home of more than 6.5 million Muslims of various ethnic backgrounds. In spite of the growing body of scholarly literature on the subject and the significance of the region, the Balkans still remain marginalized or neglected in the context of both European history and the study of Muslim societies, while local Muslim communities have drawn popular attention primarily in connection to recent conflicts, such as the violent break-up of Yugoslavia. The course seeks to correct this imbalance and bring deeper and more nuanced understanding of how Islam and Muslims contributed to shaping Balkan society, demography, culture and politics, and their relationship to Europe and the larger Muslim world.

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