LIN388H5 • Bilingualism and Multiple Language Acquisition

This course examines simultaneous and successive second (and multiple) language acquisition by children. We will look at such topics as the bilingual brain, the nature of the input, age constraints on language acquisition, language separation and cross-linguistic influences, schooling in a second language (for example French immersion programs), and various methods used in the study of bilingualism in individuals. Bilingual/multilingual corpora containing French as one of the languages will be examined. Suggested companion course: FRE325H5. (Formerly LIN358H5).
(LIN101H5 and LIN102H5) or LIN100Y5 and 0.5 credit at the 200-level (not including LIN204H5 and LIN205H5 and LIN233H5 and LIN203H5 and LIN200H5) or 0.5 credit equivalent at the 300-level in PSY.
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