Financial Aid

University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS)

UTAPS is a financial aid program for full-time students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons (recognized convention refugees) and are eligible for need-based government student assistance or funding from a First Nations band.

The University's Policy on Student Financial Support states that students should have access to the resources required to meet their financial needs as calculated by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). UTAPS funding is based on OSAP methodology as it provides a uniform, verified way of assessing student need.

For students who are assessed by OSAP as requiring maximum assistance and whose assessed need is not fully covered by government aid, the University will ensure that the unmet need is met. Students receiving funding from another province/territory or a First Nations band are also eligible for consideration.

Students are encouraged to submit an application for UTAPS through Need Navigator to be considered for assistance. 

Visit the UTAPS website for additional information.

U of T Mississauga Grant

Students who have explored all other avenues of financial assistance (e.g., family support, OSAP, lines of credit, part-time employment, etc.) and still have unmet financial need may apply for a University of Toronto Mississauga Grant.

Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP)

The online application for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is available to Ontario residents who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or Protected Persons. OSAP is designed to assist with educational and living expenses in the form of loans, grants and bursaries.

OSAP loans for full-time students are interest-free and non-repayable while the student remains enrolled in at least a 60% course load at all times throughout the year, or a 40% course load for a student with a documented permanent disability or documented persistent or prolonged disability. No averaging of course loads is permitted. For example, if a student enrols in 80% of a course load in the first term and 40% in the second term, the course loads cannot be averaged to 60%. In this case, the student would be eligible for full-time loans or interest relief in the first term only and may apply for part-time assistance in the second term.

Information concerning OSAP may be obtained from Financial Aid Advisors in the UTM Office of the Registrar, the University Registrar’s Office, or from the OSAP website.

Bursaries for Students with Disabilities

Non-repayable assistance is available for OSAP recipients who have educational expenses as a result of a documented permanent disability. Information and applications are available from the U of T Mississauga Accessibility Services or the University Registrar’s Office.

Part-Time Assistance

A number of programs are available to students who study on a part-time basis. Forms of assistance include Part-time OSAP and the Noah Meltz Bursary. More information can be obtained at the University Registrar’s Office.

Students from Out-of-Province and the United States

Students from other Canadian provinces or the United States should apply through their provincial or governmental financial aid authority. Links to financial aid programs are available at the University Registrar’s Office website.