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EDS325H5 • Supplemental Instruction in Higher Education: Peer-Facilitated Study Groups

Looking for an opportunity to become a facilitator of small group learning in a subject discipline in which you have expertise? This course will introduce students to the theory and practice of Supplemental Instruction (SI) in higher education. Particular focus will be on the history and evolution of SI and the rationale for its use in different university contexts. EDS325H5 course participants will complete a mandatory internship that involves developing and delivering 8-10 peer led study sessions through the Facilitated Study Group (FSG) Program run by the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre. Class work will embed relevant pedagogical tools, resources and research to support the development, delivery and success of FSG sessions. Current research investigating the impact of Supplemental Instruction on student success will also be explored. This is a closed course open only to those students who have successfully secured an FSG leader position with the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre.

Exclusions: Previous Peer Facilitated Study Group experience in courses like FRE491H5 or FRE492H5 or LIN495Y5
Recommended Preparation: Open to all students, but the completion of EDS100H5 or other EDS courses or experience that has directly supported an understanding of teaching and learning are recommended but not required.

Course Experience: Partnership-Based Experience
Distribution Requirement: Humanities
Total Instructional Hours: 24L/12S
Mode of Delivery: In Class

EDS325H5 | Program Area: Education Studies