Withdrawal and Returning from Absences

Declaration of Temporary Absence

Students who miss an academic obligation during the term (i.e., in-class assessment, quiz, paper or lab report) may use the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool to record an absence in one or more courses. Students may utilize this option once per term for a single absence period of up to seven consecutive days. The declaration period must include the day of declaration and may include past and/or future dates, for a total of up to 7 calendar days.

Use of this declaration does not require supporting documentation and should be used in addition to the missed term work policy outlined in their course syllabus. It remains the student’s responsibility to initiate the process of academic consideration for missed academic obligations by following the instructions in the course syllabus and notifying their instructor.  Instructors may exclude one term test/quiz, as per the course syllabus.

Voluntary Absence

All students in good academic standing or on academic probation may take a voluntary leave from their studies without formal authorization. No specific documentation or approval is required.

How to take a voluntary leave

To take a voluntary leave from studies, students have the option to:

a) choose not to complete registration in a given academic period (e.g., Fall/Winter session, Fall or Winter Term), or
b) cancel their current registration in a given academic period.

For students who have already completed registration, read below for more information on cancelling registration. If you are an international student considering a voluntary leave from your studies, you must refer to the Leave of Absence Policy for International Students for further information.

While on leave

While on a voluntary leave, students will not pay any tuition, incidental, or ancillary fees; are not considered for scholarships or awards; cannot normally access University services including health services (with the exception of their Registrar’s Office); participate in student internships; or undertake undergraduate research. A student who chooses to take a voluntary leave from their studies is not exempt from academic deadlines, financial responsibilities, current or future policies, and fees schedules. Students who cancel their registration part-way through a term are responsible for any outstanding balance owed to the University. Students on leave may contact the UTM Office of the Registrar’s office for advising and for more information on how to return from an absence.

Cancelling Registration

Students who find it necessary to stop attending all of their courses for the Fall-Winter or Summer session must drop all of their courses, including those they are waitlisted for, and cancel their registration on ACORN as soon as possible or, at the latest, by the last date to cancel courses without academic penalty. If students withdraw from a session within a refund period, they must cancel their registration for the session on ACORN before a reversal of fees is issued (see schedule at https://studentaccount.utoronto.ca).

Additionally, students are advised that they must:

  1. pay all outstanding fees;
  2. return any books to the Library and pay any outstanding fines;
  3. vacate any laboratory or athletic lockers and return any university equipment in their possession.

Not attending classes is not the same as withdrawing from a session. Students will still be given a mark based on work submitted and missed assignments will be marked accordingly. Merely ceasing to participate in class, including attending and submitting assignments, will result in a poor or failing grade.

If a newly-admitted student withdraws from all courses and cancels their registration, they must reapply for admission should they wish to return to UTM in the future.

Undergraduate Leave of Absence Policy for International Students

Approved Leave of Absence will be permitted for international undergraduate students at UTM who have completed at least one academic term (e.g. Fall 2019 or Winter 2020) with academic standing that is not “On Suspension” or “Refused Further Registration”. Students may request a leave of one term (Fall or Winter) or one academic session (Fall-Winter), for up to a maximum of two consecutive academic years. A Leave of Absence will not be approved for newly admitted (first year or transfer) students who have not yet begun their studies at UTM. Please refer to the policy “Deferring Admission” in the UTM Academic Calendar.

Students may request a leave for the following reasons:

  • Serious health, personal or family issues
  • Issues related to child birth or child care
  • Military service

Students may extend an already approved leave up to and not exceeding two years. Extension beyond two consecutive years will not be approved. Students may elect to continue the leave beyond two years; however, the continuation of the leave will not be documented as an Approved Leave of Absence.

Students do not pay tuition or incidental fees for the period covered by the leave. While on an approved leave, students are not permitted to register for courses, use university student services, participate in student internships, or undergraduate research. They are not eligible for scholarships or awards. A student who has obtained approval for a Leave of Absence under this policy is not exempt from academic deadlines, financial responsibilities, current or future policies, and fees schedules.

Return from Absence (Voluntary Leave or Withdrawal)

Students who were previously registered as degree or non-degree students who have completed at least one course at UTM, and who have not been registered in the past 12 months must submit an application for re-registration through the UTM Office of the Registrar.

Students will need to complete a request to reactivate their student record online (www.utm.utoronto.ca/registrar/forms) and pay a fee if their last AND most recent registration was at U of T Mississauga as a degree or non-degree student with academic standing (i.e., grades or late withdrawals) and wish to return after an absence of at least 12 consecutive months. All outstanding fees must be paid and any financial holds must be cleared before a student record is reactivated.

Students who were previously registered but did not obtain standing in at least one course (i.e., grades or late withdrawals) must re-apply for admission through the Ontario Universities Application Centre. Students previously registered as non-degree visiting students must submit a new visiting student application by the deadline prior to each session.

Students who studied elsewhere during their absence from U of T Mississauga should follow the procedure outlined in Studying Elsewhere without an LOP.

It is recommended that students planning to return from a voluntary leave and complete the re-registration process, make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss their academic plans, their degree and program requirements, and any changes in policies or procedures since their last registration.

NOTE: If a degree student reactivates their record, but does not enrol in a course and pay tuition within 12 months, the reactivation becomes invalid.