ANT403H5 • Social Learning and Cultural Patterns

Social learning is fundamental to human experience, through which individuals, societies, and generations share information and practices, and form cultural patterns and norms. Learning how to do something is also learning how to be a member of a society. Understanding social learning enables us to make the connections between the population-level, intergenerational cultural phenomena and the measurable individual-level process. This course uses case studies from anthropology, psychology, and biology to discuss the social, psychological, and biological foundations of social learning and the roles of social learning in enabling the accumulation of knowledge in human societies and shaping cultural patterns.

At least 1.5 credits from (ANT200H5 or ANT201H5 or ANT202H5 or ANT204H5 or ANT206H5 or ANT218H5) and 2.0 credits at the 300-400 level in Anthropology or Psychology or Biology courses
In Class