ARA212Y5 • Introductory Arabic

This introductory course is designed for beginners, i.e., students with NO prior knowledge of the Arabic language. The course provides a basic proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. The students will have ample practice of reading and writing the Arabic alphabet and will master the Arabic sounds and their phono-syntactic features. A foundation of grammar will familiarize the students with word formation, word order, and sentence structures. By the end of the course, the students should be able to fully read Arabic, comprehend simple reading, produce complete sentences to express basic information orally and in writing, and to conduct basic conversations in Modern Standard Arabic. All students are REQUIRED to complete the Arabic Language Assessment Questionnaire before enrolling in this course. Please visit and complete the Arabic Language Assessment Questionnaire by no later than August 29th. Late assessment submissions will not be accepted.

All students who are enrolling in an ARA language course for the FIRST time are required to complete a language assessment questionnaire. Please visit…
ARA211H5 or ARA211Y5 or (LGGA40H3 and LGGA41H3) or (NMC210Y1 or NML210Y1) or higher, native speakers.
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