BIO311H5 • Landscape Ecology

Landscape ecology asks how spatial patterns originate and how they affect ecological processes like forest dynamics, nutrient cycling, species interactions, and the distribution and population dynamics of plants and animals. Lectures and computer labs introduce students to concepts and methods of landscape ecology and their application to current issues of land-use management and global change. The students will learn to apply GIS, spatial statistics, landscape metrics, and modelling to address problems in conservation, biodiversity, and ecosystem management.

Note: Students interested in this course will need to meet with the course instructor before being approved and permitted to enroll.

BIO205H5 and (BIO259H5 or STA215H5) and permission of instructor *STA215H5 will no longer be accepted as an appropriate prerequisite course AFTER 2022-2023 Academic year. Beginning 2023-2024 Academic year all students will be required to complete BIO259H5 as the statistics prerequisite course.
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