BIO407H5 • Behaviour Genetics

State of the art techniques used in the genetic, molecular, statistical and neurobiological analysis of behaviour are discussed. We focus on behaviour-genetic analysis of olfaction, foraging, rhythms and sex in three model systems (the worm C. elegans, the fruit fly D. melanogaster and the mouse). We discuss how information from these model organisms can be used to shed light on behaviour genetics of non-model organisms including humans.

BIO207H5 and BIO318Y5 and (BIO259H5 or BIO360H5 or STA215H5) *STA215H5 will no longer be accepted as an appropriate prerequisite course AFTER 2022-2023 Academic year. Beginning 2023-2024 Academic year all students will be required to complete BIO259H5 or BIO360H5 as the statistics prerequisite course.
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