CHI101H5 • Introductory Chinese for Students with Prior Background

This course is designed for students who have some prior knowledge of Chinese. Potential students for this course are able to speak and understand elementary Mandarin or any Chinese dialects but with minimal literacy skills (reading and writing), or are able to read and write with either traditional or simplified character at beginner level. This course focuses on phonetics and literacy of Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) and addresses integrated skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation.

NOTE: All students who are enrolling in a CHI language course for the first time (do not have the prerequisite) are required to complete a language assessment questionnaire. Students who have not completed an assessment cannot be approved for course enrolment. Please visit….
CHI100Y5 or CHI101Y5 or EAS100Y1 or EAS101Y1 or LGG60H3 or LGG61H3
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