CHM211H5 • Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry

A rigorous introduction to the theory and practice of analytical chemistry. Development and applications of basic statistical concepts in treatment and interpretation of analytical data; direct and indirect precipitations; volumetric methods; acid-base, complexometric, redox and precipitation titrations; introduction to instrumental methods; potentiometry and absorption spectroscopy. Applications in biomedical, forensic and environmental areas will be considered.

CHM110H5 and a minimum grade of 60% in CHM120H5 and [(MAT132H5 and MAT134H5) or (MAT135H5 and MAT136H5) or (MAT137H5 and MAT139H5) or (MAT157H5 and MAT159H5) or (MAT134Y5 or MAT135Y5 or MAT137Y5 or MAT157Y5)]
In Class