CHM485H5 • Dissertation Based on Literature Research

A dissertation will be written based on literature research of a topic of current interest in the field of chemistry. The research will be conducted under the supervision of a chemistry faculty member other than the student's CPS489Y5 supervisor. The research topic must not overlap that of the student's CPS489Y5 project. The goals of this course are to achieve literature research expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of a particular chemistry topic, while perfecting scientific writing and oral presentation skills. Evaluation is based on a final written report describing the aims and results of the research, as well as an oral presentation of the work. The course is normally taken in the student's fourth year, in either the Fall or Winter terms, but may be taken in the Summer term. Enrolment in CHM485H5 requires submitting an application to the department before the end of the term prior to that in which it is intended to undertake the research. Independent Studies Application Forms may be found at Applications should be submitted to the CPS Undergraduate Assistant. Registration on ACORN is also required. Students are encouraged to consult with, and obtain the consent of, prospective supervisors before applying for enrolment. 

2.5 CHM/JCP credits at 300 level.
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