CHM489Y5 • Introduction to Research in Chemistry

An experimental or theoretical research topic in chemistry will be investigated under the supervision of a chemistry faculty member other than the student's CHM485H5 supervisor. The research topic must not overlap that of the student's CHM485H5 research topic. In addition to learning to plan, conduct and evaluate a research program, students will receive training in written and oral presentation skills. Evaluation is based on interim and final written reports describing the aims and results of the research, as well as interim and final oral presentations of the work. The course is normally taken in the student's fourth year. Enrolment in CHM489Y5 requires submitting an application to the department in the spring term, with the application due date being the final day of classes. Independent Studies Application Forms may be found at Applications should be submitted to the CPS Undergraduate Assistant. Registration on ACORN is also required. Acceptance into the course is dependent on the student having achieved a satisfactory GPA, and reaching agreement with a potential supervisor. Students must consult with prospective supervisors before applying for enrolment, and must list at least two faculty members as possible supervisors. This course is restricted to students in the Chemistry Major, Biological Chemistry Specialist, and Chemistry Specialist Programs.

2.0 300 level credits in CHM/JCP and 1.0 credit from BIO206H5 and BIO314H5 and CHM372H5 and CHM373H5 and CHM394H5 and CHM395H5 and CHM396H5 and CHM397H5 and PHY324H5, with 0.5 credits from the 300-level CHM laboratory courses listed.
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