CPS398H5 • Teaching Opportunity Program in Sciences

A scholarly, active learning project in which students integrate and apply their understanding of science and pedagogy by observing, actively participating in, and reflecting on the teaching and learning process under the supervision of an experienced instructor/mentor. This course may be taken in either the Summer, Fall or Winter terms. Enrolment requires submitting an application to the department before the end of the term prior to that in which it is intended to undertake the research. Independent Studies Application Forms may be found at http://uoft.me/cpsforms. Students should plan for the course in March of the previous academic year and register as soon as their registration period begins. Students are encouraged to consult with, and obtain the consent of, prospective supervisors before applying for enrolment. Enrolment will depend on the availability of positions.

This course is "by Instructor Approval". At least 10.0 courses completed and enrolment in a life, mathematical, or physical science major or specialist program; an average of B-(CGPA 2.7) or higher.
University-Based Experience
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