ECO206Y5 • Microeconomic Theory

A rigorous mathematical treatment of the basic tools of economic analysis regarding consumer and producer theory. Applications may include but are not limited to: choice under uncertainty, oligopoly, industrial organization, pricing, resource allocation, intertemporal consumption, labour supply, externalities, public goods, income distribution and welfare economics. This course is a requirement for certain Specialist Programs and is strongly recommended for students contemplating graduate school.

[(ECO101H5 (70%) and ECO102H5 (70%)) or ECO100Y5(70%)] and [MAT133Y5 (80%) or MAT135Y5 (63%) or (MAT135H5 (63%) and MAT136H5 (63%)) or MAT137Y5 (60%) or (MAT137H5 (60%) and MAT139H5 (60%))]
Social Science
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