ECO220Y5 • Introduction to Data Analysis and Applied Econometrics

An introduction to the use of statistical analysis, including such topics as elementary probability theory, sampling distributions, tests of hypotheses, estimation; analysis of variance and regression analysis. Emphasis is placed on applications in economics and business problems.

[(ECO101H5 (63%) and ECO102H5 (63%)) or ECO100Y5 (63%)] and [MAT133Y5 (63%) or (MAT135H5 and MAT136H5) or MAT135Y5 or (MAT137H5 and MAT139H5) or MAT137Y5]
ECO220Y1 or BIO360H5 or BIO361H5 or (MAT123H1 and MAT124H1) or (PSY201H5 and PSY202H5) or [1.0 credit from (STA218H5 or MGT218H5) or STA220H5 or STA221H5 or STA256H5 or STA258H5 or STA260H5]
Social Science
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