ECO227Y5 • Foundations of Econometrics

This course provides students with a rigorous introduction to statistical analysis such as probability models, random variables, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, probability theory, estimation theory, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, and simple regression analysis. By the end of the course, students should be familiar with the basic tools used to model uncertainty in economics and finance, to test hypotheses, and to estimate model parameters. This course focuses on both the theory and application of these statistical methods. It provides a solid foundation for subsequent courses in econometrics. This course is recommended for students planning graduate studies in Economics.

[(ECO101H5(70%) and ECO102H5(70%)) or ECO100Y5(70%)] and [MAT133Y5(80%) or (MAT135H5(63%) and MAT136H5(63%)) or MAT135Y5(63%) or (MAT137H5(60%) and MAT139H5(60%))  or MAT137Y5(60%)]
Social Science
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