ECO312H5 • Firms and Markets

This course studies firms’ strategies and the role of government regulators in different markets. Specifically, it studies strategic decisions that firms make when they interact with other firms. These include how to price in the face of competition, how much to invest in R&D or advertising, and whether to buy a rival (by merging, integrating). The course also analyzes the conditions under which firm’s choices require intervention by market regulators due to a tension between firms’ profits and consumer welfare. The course draws on tools from microeconomics and game theory, and the analysis is supplemented by real world examples and case studies from the business world.

(ECO200Y5 or ECO204Y5 or ECO206Y5) and [(ECO220Y5 or ECO227Y5) or (1.0 credit from STA256H5 or STA258H5 or STA260H5)]
Social Science
In Class