ECO315H5 • Economics of Poverty

This course will focus on the microeconomic analysis of the causes and consequences of poverty. The emphasis will be on developing countries but we will also draw parallels to poverty in industrialized countries such as Canada. Psychological, cultural, social, and institutional factors will be considered along with an exploration of policy solutions. Some of the topics we will cover include inequality, nutrition, health, education, fertility, credit, savings, and entrepreneurship.

(ECO200Y5 or ECO204Y5 or ECO206Y5) and (ECO202Y5 or ECO208Y5 or ECO209Y5) and (ECO220Y5 or ECO227Y5 or (1.0 credit from STA256H5, STA258H5, STA260H5)).
ECO324Y5 (20149)
Social Science
In Class