ENG101H5 • How to Read Critically

This foundational course serves as an introduction to a wide range and variety of methods for literary and textual analysis, giving students a set of interpretive tools they can use to analyze texts in English classes and beyond. Emphasis will be on developing close, attentive reading skills as ways of thinking not just about, but through texts, and on deploying these skills effectively in essays and discussions. The class will draw on literary works from a variety of countries, centuries, genres, and media. We recommend that students considering a Specialist, Major, or Minor in English take this course.

100-level courses are designed to increase students’ skills in close reading, interpretation, and effective writing; emphasize the development of analytical and essay-writing skills; and build acquaintance with major literary forms and conventions that students need in more advanced courses. They are open to all students who have standing in no more than one full course in English.
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