ENG317H5 • Drama of the Global South

This course compares works of selected playwrights of the Global South in an effort to understand their refashioning of postcolonial perspectives and subaltern histories. Ranging beyond the West and its theatrical traditions, the course will explore innovative theatrical performances that focus on South-South affiliations and link discourses, places, and people positioned between peripheries. Students will learn about traditions of orality, cultural pluralities, and indigenous mythic/folk styles that constitute the unique syncretism of South-South theatre cultures. Writers may include Padmanabhan, Nadeem, Jinghui, Taha, Fugard, Aidoo, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Miri, Walcott, Triana, and Dorfman.

1.0 credit in ENG and 3 additional credits.
In Class