ENG332H5 • Restoration and Early 18th Century Literature

This course engages with British poetry, drama, and prose from the later seventeenth century through early eighteenth century—a period that saw the restoration of the monarchy, the Glorious Revolution, the Acts of Union, and the transition from Stuart to Hanoverian rule. Topics to be addressed may include religious and political dissent; colonialism and slavery; libertine culture; theatrical performance; female actors and women writers; the “birth” of the novel; and the establishment of the periodical press. Authors may include Aphra Behn, John Bunyan, Susanna Centlivre, Daniel Defoe, John Dryden, Anne Finch, Delarivier Manley, Samuel Pepys, and the Earl of Rochester.

1.0 credit in ENG and 3.0 additional credits
In Class