ENV332H5 • Practicum in Environmental Project Management


Solutions to environmental issues depend on interdisciplinary teamwork.  This course mimics the practical, multidisciplinary, collaborative work  that is highly valued in the environment sector.  Students work in teams on semester-long projects addressing a specific environmental issue on campus or in the local community (e.g., conducting a waste audit; developing an educational module for a local NGO, etc.).  Specific skills that are developed include; project management and workflow, data collection, report writing and formal presentations.   This course is strongly recommended for Specialist and Major students in any of the Environment Programs.

9.0 credits and completion of a Research Methods course (e.g., GGR277H5).
Course Experience
University-Based Experience
Distribution Requirement
Social Science
Total Instructional Hours
Mode of Delivery
In Class
Program Area
Environmental Management
Environmental Science