ERS325H5 • Field Camp I

This course, held on the north shore of Lake Huron in the summer, covers geological mapping skills, stratigraphic section measurements, and the recognition of rock types, fossils and geological structures in an authentic field-based learning environment in order to interpret ancient geological environments (approx. 12 days of field instruction). Students in this course receive an instructor lead introduction to the regional geology at whitefish falls, Ontario, before engaging in individual or small group projects in which geologic maps of a defined region will be assembled over 5-6 days of student-led field work. Students will complete an oral field examinations at the end of the field days. Students must pay a course fee, which includes transportation and accommodation at the camp, but does not include the cost of food nor does it cover any course fees charged by the Office of the Registrar.

Note: U of T Mississauga students must register in the Summer Session, and provide consent waivers and the course fee to the Undergraduate Assistant for Earth Sciences in the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences. This field camp is usually held in early May. Registration and fee payment deadline: mid-March. For specific yearly course information, please see the UTM CPS Earth Science Fieldtrip page for more information on dates, required field gear and other information.

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