ERS425H5 • Geology of North America

This course will provide students with a first-hand field exposure to geologic outcrops in North America, where knowledge gained during classroom instruction throughout their studies can be applied to textbook examples of a variety of real-world geologic features. The course is structured around one major field trip during the fall break where student-led group work on rock outcrops is done, followed by the provision of individual presentations and the preparation of field reports. There is a nonrefundable fee associated with this course beyond tuition. Students must register on ROSI, on a first-come first-serve and non-refundable deposit basis. The deposit must be received by the Department within one week from the first day of enrollment or the student will be dropped automatically from the course. Students should contact the Department by March of the academic year preceding the course to find out more details about the specific field trip plans.

Enrolment in ERS Major or ERS Specialist or Geology Specialist Program and 1.5 credits at ERS or ESS 300 level
University-Based Experience
In Class
Earth Science