FRE389H5 • Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition

This course examines the effects of cognitive (e.g., aptitude, working memory) and affective differences (e.g., motivation, L2 anxiety) on second language acquisition. Students will come to understand the nature of these differences via empirical studies on learners of French and the use of assessment instruments including questionnaires and on-line tests. Particular emphasis is placed on students' ability to discuss between-learner differences in comprehension and production, identify relevant individual differences capable of explaining such variability, and conduct their own individual differences research.

(FRE225Y5/FRE227H5 or FRE272H5/FRE272Y5) and [FRE280Y5 or (FRE282H5 and FRE283H5) or a minimum grade of 77% in FSL406H5]
In Class