FRE398H5 • The Culture of Paris

This course explores the city of Paris as it developed into a cultural beacon of excellence in French culture throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Students will expand and apply previous knowledge in cultural studies, and their oral and written competences in French, to the study of the events that have shaped the Paris of today. Particular emphasis will be placed on extending attentive interpretive skills to the impact of historical events, city planning and promotion, and artistic celebration, and on deploying these skills to think critically about heritage in the French context. As part of this course, students have the option of participating in an international learning experience that will have an additional cost and application process.

(FRE240H5 and [FRE280Y5 or (FRE282H5 and FRE283H5)]) or a minimum grade of 77% in FSL406H5
International - Optional
In Class