FSL106H5 • Functional French-Advanced Beginner

Through the use of teaching materials adapted to their level, students will continue to develop their linguistics abilities and to use them in specific situations. For instance, students will learn how to ask for information, how to refuse or accept an offer. On completion of this course, a linguistic system of basic but useful structures will have been assimilated. An awareness of various francophone cultures and communities will be developed. All students are REQUIRED to complete the French Placement Test (https://frenchpt.utm.utoronto.ca/) before enrolling in ANY FSL or FRE language course for the FIRST time.

FSL105H5 or the equivalent as determined by the department's Placement Test. Before enrolling in a French language course for the first time all students MUST complete the Placement Test (https://frenchpt.utm.utoronto.ca/).
FSL102H1. Grade 11 and Grade 12 Core French and all grade levels in French Immersion, Extended French, and French Secondary Schools.
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