FSL205H5 • Functional French – Low Intermediate I

This course focuses on developing communication skills as well as furthering students’ fluency through the production and understanding of authentic messages, working on engaging tasks while using more diverse lexical forms and expressions. Students will participate in interpersonal interactions where they learn to express emotion and opinion using culturally appropriate expressions and greater vocabulary breadth. An awareness of various francophone cultures and communities will be developed. All students are REQUIRED to complete the French Placement Test (https://frenchpt.utm.utoronto.ca/) before enrolling in ANY FSL or FRE language course for the FIRST time.
FSL106H5 or the equivalent as determined by the department's French Placement Test (https://frenchpt.utm.utoronto.ca/)
FSL205Y5 or FSL121Y1 or FSL120H1 or FSL122H1 or higher level FSL course. Grade 12 Core French, and all high school grade levels in French Immersion, Extended French, and French Secondary Schools.
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