FSL305H5 • Functional French - High Intermediate I

This course focuses on understanding information, comparing and reformulating types of discourse, developing more refined fluency and spontaneity in proficiently discussing current and cultural affairs and contentious topics, using different registers and tone in a broad range of situations and texts & media encountered in their academic experiences. Understanding various francophone cultures and communities will be part of the course discussion.

All students are REQUIRED to complete the French Placement Test (https://frenchpt.utm.utoronto.ca/) before enrolling in ANY FSL or FRE language course for the FIRST time.

FSL206H5 or the equivalent as determined by the department’s French Placement Test (https://frenchpt.utm.utoronto.ca/).
FRE180H5 or FRE181H5 or FSL305Y5 or FSL220H1 or FSL222H1 or FSL22Y1 or higher level FSL course, all high school grade levels in French Immersion, Extended French, and French Secondary Schools.
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