GGR407H5 • Ecohydrology

Ecohydrology explores the feedback between biological, hydro-logical and biogeochemical processes that help shape ecosystem form and function. These feedbacks are central to the regulation of the global climate and water resources. With pronounced and rapid human modification to the landscape and climate system this field of study is increasingly relevant to formulate mitigation strategies. This seminar and research course explores the feedback processes most crucial to climate change and water resources. Topics include ecosystem control on the water balance, the role of peat-lands in ameliorating climate change, hydro-logic controls on species diversity, and the role of the watershed in mitigating human pollutants. Students are expected to conduct independent and collaborative study.

GGR315H5 or a combination of GGR217H5 plus one of (GGR305H5 or GGR307H5 or GGR309H5 or GGR374H5 or BIO311H5 or BIO330H5)
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