GGR442H5 • GIS Capstone Project

Students apply prerequisite knowledge and techniques to real-world GIS projects requested by external clients. Through background research, proposal, data management, and implementation, students develop GIS professional competencies, which will be demonstrated through collaboration, presentations and reports.

[12.0 credits and GGR276H5 and GGR278H5 and (1.0 credit from GGR321H5 or GGR335H5 or GGR337H5 or GGR376H5 or GGR382H5 or GGR463H5) and (1.0 credit from GGR311H5 or GGR370H5 or GGR372H5 or GGR384H5 or GGR437H5 or GGR440H5)] or permission of instructor.
Partnership-Based Experience
In Class