JFL388H5 • Bilingualism and Multiple Language Acquisition

This course examines simultaneous and successive second (and multiple) language acquisition. We will look at topics such as the bilingual brain, the nature of the input, age constraints on language acquisition, language separation and cross-linguistic influences, the status of the heritage language, schooling in a second language (for example French immersion programs), and various methods used in the study of bilingualism in individuals. Bilingual/multilingual corpora will be examined. The language of instruction will be English. Students will have the option to write assignments in either English or French. Written work to be completed in French for credit towards a Specialist (French) or Major (French).

[(LIN102H5 or FRE227H5 or FRE225Y5 or FRE272H5 or FRE272Y5) and 0.5 credit from LIN288H5 or LIN231H5 or LIN232H5 or LIN233H5] or 0.5 credit of FRE linguistic at the 300-level.
In Class