LIN385H5 • The Acquisition of Grammar in Different Contexts

This course examines language acquisition by different populations: first language acquisition by normal, deaf and impaired children; first language re-acquisition by aphasic patients; second language acquisition by children and adults. The question that we will ask is the following: what are the similarities and differences across acquisition contexts? Comparative theoretical approaches will be examined in order to gain an insight into the following topics: evidence for innate linguistic endowment, the stages in the development of grammar, the role of input. An important component will be the analysis of both spontaneous corpora and experimental work.

LIN101H5 and LIN102H5 and [0.5 credit from JLP285H5 (formerly LIN288H5) or LIN229H5 or LIN231H5 or LIN232H5 or LIN237H5 or LIN256H5 or 300-level PSY course].
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