LIN419H5 • Field Methods: A Language Unlocked

This course provides experience in language analysis based on elicited data from a native speaker of an understudied language. It emphasizes procedures and techniques and provides an opportunity for first-hand appreciation of linguistic unity and diversity.

LIN229H5 and LIN232H5 and [0.5 credit from (JLP384H5 or LIN328H5 or LIN329H5 or LIN332H5 or LIN337H5 or LIN338H5 or LIN360H5 or LIN366H5 or LIN369H5 or LIN374H5 or LIN375H5 or LIN376H5 or LIN411H5 or LIN418H5 or LIN476H5 or LIN479H5) or permission of the instructor].
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