LTL382H5 • Teaching Second Language Speaking and Listening

This course examines theories and practices related to the teaching and learning of speaking and listening in a second language, particularly with reference to English. The course will focus on the theoretical and research-based underpinnings of second language speaking and listening on the ways in which instruction can facilitate the development of these skills. The relationship of pronunciation to listening and listening skills will be explored, and an overview of teaching pronunciation to second language learners will be provided (particularly with reference to English).

(LIN101H5 and LIN102H5 and a minimum of 0.5 credit in LIN or LTL at the 200-level or higher) or [(FRE282H5 and FRE283H5) and FRE227H5) or (ITA200Y5 and an additional 0.5 credit in ITA at the 200-level or higher)
In Class
Language Teaching and Learning