MAT157Y5 • Analysis I


A theoretical course in calculus for students with a very serious interest in mathematics; emphasizing proofs and techniques, as well as geometric and physical understanding. Trigonometric identities. Limits and continuity; least upper bounds, intermediate and extreme value theorems. Derivatives, mean value and inverse function theorems. Integrals; fundamental theorem; elementary transcendental functions. Techniques of integration. Taylor's theorem; sequences and series; uniform convergence and power series. Note: MAT157Y5 will be accepted anywhere where MAT137Y5 is accepted.

Minimum 70% in Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Minimum 70% in Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)
MAT102H5 (strongly recommended in the Fall term for students taking MAT157Y5 in their first year)
Distribution Requirement
Total Instructional Hours
Mode of Delivery
In Class
Program Area
Mathematical Sciences