MGT442H5 • Financial Distress and Insolvency

Traditional business courses often deal with financially healthy firms. However, failure is an inevitable reality for many businesses. The problems currently being witnessed by the retail sector are a case in point. According to official Canadian government statistics, 3580 businesses filed for insolvency in 2018 alone, with more than a quarter of these businesses being from Ontario. This course aims to study the reasons why some firms find themselves in financial distress, alternative courses of action (including legal options) in response to financial distress, and the role of various stakeholders in the process.

MGT231H5 and 0.5 credit in MGT/MGM at the 300/400 level
MGT411H5 Special Topics in Management: Financial Distress and Insolvency (Fall 2018 and Fall 2019)
Social Science
In Class