PSY330H5 • The Basics of Measurement in Social and Personality Psychology

In psychology, we often talk about people in relation to concepts like attachment, happiness, and need to belong. But, how do we actually measure these psychological constructs when we cannot see and touch them? Importantly, how can we be sure that research findings are based on good measurement practices and therefore seen as trustworthy? This course explores basic issues of psychometrics – the measurement of psychological constructs -- in social and personality psychology. We will read scholarly literature on psychometrics, discuss good practices for conceptualizing and assessing psychological constructs, and learn about how we can provide evidence for the validity and reliability of people’s responses to measures. We will practice using analytic techniques that examine measurement properties. The student should leave the course with a practical “measurement toolbox” which will allow them to conduct their own psychometric analyses, and better evaluate measurement practices used in social and personality psychology.
PSY201H5 (or equivalent)
In Class