PSY400Y5 • Thesis

Independent research supervised by individual faculty members. Seminars on general topics relevant to the conduct of independent research, student research proposals, and the presentation of findings. To register in the course, students must obtain approval from a faculty supervisor, and apply for and obtain approval from Department of Psychology (see the Psychology department website for details). Advanced-level students who do not meet the stated course prerequisites but who possess relevant research experience may be admitted at the discretion of the course instructor. In addition to the seminar component, students complete at least 72 hours of research in the laboratory of their supervisor.

Note: Entry to the course is competitive. Satisfaction of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the course.

PSY202H (or equivalent) and at least 0.5 credits in advanced laboratory or research courses in Psychology at the 300 or 400 level (e.g., PSY courses ending in "9" at the 300 or 400 level, and PSY403) and last AGPA of 3.2 (varies from year to year and is rarely below 3.4).
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