SOC382H5 • Genocide and Memory

This research-based course will engage students with the following two questions: Why does genocide happen? How do we construct, present, and maintain our memories of these terrible social phenomena? Students will spend the first part of the course learning about the sociology of genocide. Students will also be exposed to general theories of culture and the social construction of memory, and will be trained in qualitative methods, with a focus on basic field observation and field note writing. Students will take this knowledge and training into the field, using a sociological lens to look at genocide museums and memorials, and the people who visit them. The course will culminate in a final project based on the students' observations and analysis during one of several course field trips. The specific cultural and historical sites for the course will vary from year to year. As part of this course, students may have the option of participating in an international learning experience that will have an additional cost and application process. An interview may be required, with priority going to UTM Sociology and Criminology Majors and Specialists.

International - Optional
Social Science
In Class