SOC406H5 • Vigilantism on the Margins of the State

This seminar examines the social problem of “vigilantism”. It focuses on how the act is defined in terms of scholarly works on punishment and policing, as well as mainstream popular opinion. The course looks at questions such as how vigilantism manifests in different geographic spaces (e.g. the “global north” and the “global south”), in rich and poor areas, and in different historical periods.

(SOC109H5 or SOC209H5) and (SOC205H5 or SOC231H5) and SOC221H5 and SOC222H5 and 0.5 SOC credit at the 300 level
SOC421H5S Senior Seminar in Criminology: Vigilantism on the Margins of the State (Winter 2020)
Social Science
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