SOC480Y5 • Internship in Sociology, Criminology, Law and Society

Through a part-time, unpaid, 200-hour internship, students apply sociological knowledge gained primarily through previous coursework. Students can seek internship opportunities at municipal social service departments or non-profit agencies providing social services, social movement or community-based organizations working for social change, courts or parole offices, for-profit workplaces, or other organizations. This experiential learning course also includes class meetings, written assignments and oral presentations, as well as an assessment by the internship employer. An application/interview may be required (see Department of Sociology website for details).

Note: International students should visit the International Education Centre to ensure they have the appropriate documentation required to work in Canada well before the start of the course/internship.

(SOC205H5 or SOC231H5) and SOC221H5 and SOC222H5 and 4th Year Standing and minimum CGPA 3.0 and permission of instructor
Partnership-Based Experience
Social Science
In Class