SOC480Y5 • Internship in Sociology, Criminology, Law and Society


Through a part-time, unpaid, 200-hour internship, students apply sociological knowledge gained primarily through previous coursework. Students can seek internship opportunities at municipal social service departments or non-profit agencies providing social services, social movement or community-based organizations working for social change, courts or parole offices, for-profit workplaces, or other organizations. Students must confirm internship arrangements well in advance and secure departmental approval for their internship position prior to the start of term (with students and host organizations required to complete institutional documentation in order for the internship to commence). This experiential learning course also includes class meetings, written assignments and oral presentations, as well as an assessment by the internship employer. An application/interview may be required (see Department of Sociology website for details).

Note: International students should visit the International Education Centre to ensure they have the appropriate documentation required to work in Canada well before the start of the course/internship.

( SOC205H5 or SOC231H5) and SOC221H5 and SOC222H5 and 4th Year Standing and minimum CGPA 3.0 and permission of instructor
Course Experience
Partnership-Based Experience
Distribution Requirement
Social Science
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In Class
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