VST410H5 • Internship in Visual Studies

This internship course provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience at an institution or business closely related to the arts and to visual studies. This is especially tailored for mature and self-disciplined students in their final year of study, who are ready to apply knowledge acquired in previous courses and are planning a career in the arts and cultural sector. Students registered in any DVS program are eligible to apply. Students work closely with the DVS internship coordinator to establish suitability. Regular updates and a final report and presentation will be required. The final grade for the course will be based on these, along with the assessment of the employer.

Minimum completion of 5.5 credits in DVS Programs and 8.0 additional credits and minimum CGPA 2.5 and and permission of internship coordinator.
Partnership-Based Experience
In Class
Cinema Studies
Visual Culture and Communication