Certificate in Sustainability

** This certificate program launches September 2024. **

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Certificate in Sustainability will provide students the opportunity to develop a sustainability lens -- an interdisciplinary toolkit for examining societal, cultural, economic, political and environmental issues from a perspective that promotes ecological health, social equity and development.

Enrolment in the Certificate in Sustainability is open to all students completing programs at UTM. To complete the Certificate, a student must complete 2.0 credits, with 1.5 credits chosen from at least 2 of 4 Perspectives offered (Economic, Environmental, Political/Institutional, Social/Cultural). Upon completion "Certificate in Sustainability (U of T Sustainability Scholar)" will be recorded on the academic transcript as a component of the undergraduate degree. Students who complete the requirements of the Certificate in Sustainability are considered University of Toronto Sustainability Scholars. Students will not receive a separate parchment at Convocation.

Additional courses with sufficient sustainability content may be appropriate for the Certificate in Sustainability. Students must receive permission from the Academic Counsellor prior to course enrolment.