Certificate in Sustainability (U of T Sustainability Scholar)

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Certificate in Sustainability will provide students the opportunity to develop a sustainability lens -- an interdisciplinary toolkit for examining societal, cultural, economic, political and environmental issues from a perspective that promotes ecological health, social equity and development.

Enrolment in the Certificate in Sustainability is open to all students completing programs at UTM. To complete the Certificate, a student must complete 2.0 credits, with 1.5 credits chosen from at least 2 of 4 Perspectives offered (Economic, Environmental, Political/Institutional, Social/Cultural). Upon completion "Certificate in Sustainability (U of T Sustainability Scholar)" will be recorded on the academic transcript as a component of the undergraduate degree. Students who complete the requirements of the Certificate in Sustainability are considered University of Toronto Sustainability Scholars. Students will not receive a separate parchment at Convocation.

Additional courses with sufficient sustainability content may be appropriate for the Certificate in Sustainability. Students must receive permission from the Academic Counsellor prior to course enrolment.