Geographical Information Systems - Major (Science)

The GIS BSc offers an analytical perspective on geographical information. In-depth studies, beyond basic geography, include mapping, spatial analysis, digital databases with specializations in modeling, statistical analysis and remote sensing.

7.5 credits are required.

First Year (1.0 credit):

  • 1.0 credit at the 100-level

Second Year (2.0 credits):

Third/Fourth Year (4.5 credits):

Students may take no more than 2.0 credits combined in ROP, individual project courses, or thesis courses at the 300/400 level for credit toward their GIS program. Students must receive permission from Faculty Program Advisor and Academic Counsellor prior to taking GGR courses on other U of T campuses toward their program requirement. No more than 1.0 non-U of T Mississauga credit is accepted in the Geography Specialist program; and no more than 0.5 non-U of T Mississauga credit in the Geography and GIS Major programs. No substitution is allowed for GGR276H5, GGR272H5, GGR278H5, GGR321H5, GGR337H5, GGR382H5