Canadian Studies - Major (Arts)

7.0 credits are required, fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. HIS262H5
  2. ( POL215H5 and POL216H5) or POL214Y5
  3. 1.0 ENG credits from ENG215H5 or ENG252Y5 or ENG255H5 or ENG274H5 or ENG352H5 or ENG353Y5 or ENG354Y5 or ENG357H5 or ENG361H5 or ENG362H5 or ENG392H5 or ENG393H5;
  4. GGR202H5; and
  5. 4.0 additional credits (at least 2.0 of which must be at the 300/400 level) from the following course list that have not already been applied towards the requirements for the Major Program in Canadian Studies. ANT241H5 or CIN205H5 or DRE200H5 or DRE305H5 or DRE405H5 or ECO323Y5 or ENG271H5 or ENG309H5 or ENG357H5 or ENG358H5 or ENG424H5 or ENG425H5 or FAH275H5 or FAH292H5 or FRE312H5 or FRE316H5 or FRE342H5 or FRE417H5 or JFL454H5 or GGR348H5 or GGR384H5 or GGR415H5 or HIS261H5 or HIS315H5 or HIS318H5 or HIS319H5 or HIS342H5 or HIS358H5 or HIS367H5 or HIS369H5 or HIS402H5 or HIS462H5 or ITA255H5 or ITA256H5 or JPE251H5 or JPE252H5 or LIN454H5 or MGT423H5 or MGT429H5 or POL111H5 or POL316Y5 or POL336Y5 or POL353Y5 or POL490H5 or POL494Y5 or SOC210H5 or SOC301H5 or SOC302H5 or SOC332H5 or SOC339H5 or SOC415H5 or WGS210H5 or WGS215H5 or WGS335H5 or WGS343H5 or WGS347H5.