Psychology - Major (Science)

Limited Enrolment — All students must have completed Ontario Grade 12 Biology (SBI4U) and Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or equivalents.

Students applying at the end of their first year (minimum 4.0 completed credits), must have a grade of at least 64% in PSY100Y5 and a CGPA of at least 2.0.

Students who do not meet these requirements and/or students who apply after second year must have a psychology average of at least 64% (based on a minimum of 1.5 completed credits in psychology) as well as an AGPA of at least 2.0. Both these requirements are based on all courses taken during students' most recent academic year (including Summer, when applicable).

6.5-7.0 credits in Psychology are required, including 2.0 at the 300/400 level.

First Year: PSY100Y5

Higher Years:

  1. PSY201H5/​ ECO220Y5/​ ECO227Y5/​ SOC350H5/​ STA218H5/​ STA220H5
  2. PSY210H5, PSY290H5
  3. one of the following: PSY270H5, PSY280H5, JLP285H5
  4. one of the following: PSY220H5, PSY230H5, PSY240H5
  5. 1.5 credits from the following courses: 0.5 credit must be taken from each group:
    1. Biological Bases of Behaviour: PSY318H5, PSY346H5, PSY351H5, PSY352H5, PSY353H5, PSY354H5, PSY355H5, PSY362H5, PSY372H5, PSY391H5, PSY392H5, PSY393H5, PSY395H5, PSY397H5, PSY398H5; BIO304H5, BIO310H5, BIO318Y5, BIO328H5
    2. Perception/Cognition/Communication: PSY312H5, PSY316H5, PSY362H5, PSY371H5, PSY372H5, PSY385H5, PSY387H5, PSY393H5, PSY397H5, JLP315H5, JLP383H5, JLP384H5, JLP388H5
    3. Developmental/Abnormal/Social/Personality: PSY310H5, PSY311H5, PSY312H5, PSY313H5, PSY314H5, PSY316H5, PSY317H5, PSY318H5, PSY320H5, PSY321H5, PSY324H5, PSY325H5, PSY327H5, PSY328H5, PSY330H5, PSY331H5, PSY333H5, PSY340H5, PSY341H5, PSY343H5, PSY344H5, PSY345H5, PSY346H5, PSY353H5, JLP315H5
  6. 1.5 additional credits in Psychology. At least 0.5 must be at the 300/400 level

NOTE: A single course can be used to satisfy only one Psychology program requirement.