Mathematical Sciences - Major (Science)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in the Major program is limited to students with a minimum of 4.0 credits, including:

  1. MAT102H5 (minimum 60%);
  2. MAT134H5 or MAT136H5 or MAT139H5 or MAT134Y5 or MAT135Y5 or MAT233H5 (minimum 60%) or MAT159H5 or MAT137Y5 or MAT157Y5; and
  3. A minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA), to be determined annually.
  4. All students must complete 4.0 U of T credits before requesting this program. Courses with a grade of CR/NCR will not count as a part of the 4.0 credits required for program entry.

8.0 credits are required.

First Year:

  1. MAT102H5
  2. [( MAT132H5 or MAT135H5 or MAT137H5 or MAT157H5) and ( MAT134H5 or MAT136H5 or MAT139H5 or MAT159H5)] or MAT134Y5 or MAT135Y5 or MAT137Y5 or MAT157Y5
  3. MAT223H5 or MAT240H5

Second Year:

  1. MAT202H5 and MAT244H5
  2. [( MAT232H5 or MAT233H5) and MAT236H5] or MAT257Y5
  3. MAT224H5 or MAT247H5

Higher Years:

  1. MAT301H5 and ( MAT334H5 or MAT354H5)
  2. MAT337H5 or MAT378H5 or MAT392H5 or MAT405H5
  3. MAT305H5 or MAT311H5 or MAT332H5
  4. MAT302H5 or MAT315H5 or MAT344H5
  5. STA256H5 or 0.5 credit of MAT at the 300/ 400 level, except MAT322H5
  6. 0.5 additional credits in MAT at the 400 level


  1. MAT137H5 and MAT139H5 are recommended.
  2. Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the 100-level calculus pre-requisites to select the correct courses.
  3. Mathematical Majors are strongly encouraged to enroll in MAT240H5 followed by MAT247H5.